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Trapezoidal screws and nuts

Trapezoidal screw is used in many applications in engineering. Its most common use is to create a linear motion and structures related thereto. Function of the trapezoid is isosceles trapezoidal screw thread with an angle of 30 °.
Screw Material: hardened steel CK15 ( 12020 )

Trapezoid nut is produced and delivered as a rolled, cylindrical and hexagonal with flange.
Material nut: free-cutting steel or bronze.

Dimensions and gradient: screws are manufactured from the size TR 10 x 2 to TR 70 x 10.
Example of marking: TR 10x2, TR 10x3, TR 12x3-P, TR 14x4, TR 16x4, TR 18x4, TR 20x4, TR 22x5, TR 24x5, TR 26x5, TR 28x5, TR 30x6, TR 32x6,
TR 36x6, TR 40x7, TR 44x7, TR 48x8, TR 50x8, TR 60x9     x 
length in mm
The maximum length 3000 mm
P- right-hand thread, L -
left-hand thread


Trapezoidal screw and nut

Dimension of trapezoidal screw in pdf

Dimensions of trapezoidal steel hexagonal nuts in pdf

Dimensions of trapezoidal steel cylindrical nut in pdf

Dimensions of trapezoidal flanged bronze nut in pdf

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