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Terms & Conditions company Exvalos Ltd.

Basic provision
These terms and conditions apply to all contracts executed within the e-shop
Since these terms and conditions can be in individual cases deviate only by written agreement of the seller and buyer.
Terms and conditions are binding for the customer from the moment when the buyer enters into a legal relationship with the seller, so from the moment the order sent by e-mail to the seller.
E-shop owner and supplier of goods:
EXVALOS, spol. s r.o., Dobrovského 367, Lanskroun 563 01, Czech Republic
Tel: 00420 465 350 759 
Fax: 00420 465 323 140
IČO: 48151599
VAT number: CZ48151599
 1. Basic terms and delivery conditions
-  registering the buyer in e-shop is established between the seller and buyer trade relationship under § 409 and subsequent of the Commercial Code governed by these general terms and conditions
- seller agrees to deliver goods to the buyer based on buyer order from web shopping
- buyer agrees to remove the goods ordered and delivered goods to pay the purchase price agreed upon under paragraph 2 and 3 of this contract
- every order must include the buyer's identification data (name according to the Commercial Register, registered address, identification number, tax identification number for VAT address where
delivery is to be carried out if different from residence address of the client), data about the contact person, including the telephone number, fax and e-mail
- for mistakes in delivery, caused due to incorrect identification data, the purchaser is responsible
- the seller may refuse to register a newcomer purchaser of the possible reasons (multiple registrations of one buyer, etc.)
- after the processing of orders sent seller to the buyer as soon as possible by fax or e-mail order confirmation specifying the date of
delivery, payment and delivery terms
- p
urchase contract between the seller and the buyer is closed only items on which both sides agreed to without contradiction

2. Price of goods

- prices of supplied products are given web shop
- the seller is a VAT payer and the supply of goods made
​​out a proper invoice in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic
- contract prices are possible in agreement with the seller, the buyer

3. Transport, receipt of the goods and fulfillment orders
- to the price of goods is further charged by transport mode and weight of the consignment - after agreement with the customer
- cash on delivery - goods are sent via the Czech Post (Business Package) or by means of an the PPL service, courier service after agreement Railways
- transport shall be governed by Czech post price list, shipping or railway services the PPL
- another type of transport is possible under conditions previously agreed between the seller and the buyer
- receipt of goods for the buyer to negotiate process under § 451 of the Commercial Code
- delivery is met by the buyer on receipt of the goods
- ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer until payment of the purchase price

4. Method of payment
- proforma invoice – payment in advance before sending goods
- cash on delivery, payment will be paid to the worker or the Czech Post the PPL at receipt of goods
- transfer to the seller's account with a predetermined maturity invoice (by mutual agreement)

5. Claim conditions
- about faulty deliveries must the buyer  notify seller in writing within the time and procedure according to the Commercial Code, apparent defects within 7 days of receipt of goods by the buyer
- qualify for the warranty expires in the following cases: loss of sales document, mechanical damage to the goods, improper installation, handling, operation, or failure to care for the goods,
the goods were damaged due to the buyer, making unauthorized product modification, or other activities detrimental to the product
- warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery of goods to the buyer outside of products with shorter time use

6. Validity of contract
- contract is valid until the fulfillment of the order
- seller may withdraw from the agreement of the reasons is if the buyer is in arrears with payment of invoices or does not remove the goods that are sent on delivery
- for these reasons, the seller may refuse to another order of buyer
- purchaser may withdraw from the contract if the seller does not deliver the goods ordered repeatedly within the agreed time, quality or quantity

7. The others
- other arrangements that are not listed in these conditions shall be governed by the Commercial Code Czech Republic