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V-rings are installed on the shaft so that their thin, oblique sealing lip rests on the desktop, which makes a right angle with the axis of  the
shaft (picture
1). The  area designated  for the shaft seal ring assembly may not be separately edited and V-ring acts as spattering
1b) because  they are  mounted with an interference fit  on the shaft and rotate with it. Compensate for a misalignment  of rings
shaft (picture 1c), and  ensures reliable sealing even when throwing the shaft or shaft rotation about an axis which is not  identical  
the axis of
the  shaft (picture 1d). Do  not forget, however, that using the  V-rings is the distance by  which the shaft can  move axially,
permissible sliding V-ring due to the contact surface

Example of marking SKF : old CR 400500, new 50 VA R
Table with dimesnions in pdf

VA-rings - standard profile  VS-ring - reinforced profile

Marking V-rings in our e-shop example:
VA 10, VA 20, VA 30, VA 40, VA 50, VA 55, VA 60, VA 70 ...........
VS 20, VS 20, VS 50, VS 60, VS 100, ............