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Oil seals

Shaft seal is a rubber gasket Gufero shaped ring with a steel spring.
Used for sealing shafts and other rotating parts of equipment, where it is necessary to prevent the escape of seal substances or dirt,
and water into a tight space.
marking : G - seal with one sealing lip
  GP - sealing gasket with one lip and cloth
  DL - left-handed ribbing sealing surfaces
  DP - right-handed ribbing sealing surfaces
Material : NBR - nitrile rubber
  FKM - fluor rubber VITON
  MVQ - silicone rubber

An example of the shop:
G 20x47x7, 35x56x12 G, G VITON VIA 20x28x6, 20x28x7 GP WAS Rubena, .....
SKF seals are marked with the letters
20X42x7 HMSA7 CR V CR 20x52x7 HMS4 R .........