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Hydraulic seals SKF

The main task of hydraulic seals to hold the hydraulic fluid to prevent the penetration of solids and liquids and to maintain hydraulic pressure.
This task requires the use of seals in various designs and appropriate accessories. SKF hydraulic seals offer includes the following types of seals,
for different applications:
- Sealing of hydraulic pistons
- Sealing of piston rods
- Wiper rings
- Guide rings and guide strips sliding
Hydraulic cylinders also require static seals including O-rings, and very often, the support

Sealing of hydraulic pistons must first ensure highly effective seal for the lifetime, and the operating conditions for which they were selected.
Selecting a hydraulic piston seals depends on how the piston works - whether it is single acting and double acting cylinder. For single acting
cylinder is ideally suited to collect this type of seal that guarantees optimum sealing in the cylinder operating mode, such as the
possible lubrication film that can still maintain the point of contact between the seal and the inner surface of the cylinder.
The optimum sealing effect in the double-acting cylinder double acting seal ensures pistons. If the piston double-acting cylinders with two
single-acting seals, it is easy to crash. This may be very high pressure in the space between the seals.

piston rod hydraulic seal in the hydraulic cylinder, which is designed for use in the toughest conditions. In addition to normal wear
and aging has a negative effect on the efficacy of sealing the surface quality change piston rod. Seal piston rod is often a major impact
on the function of the hydraulic cylinder as a whole. Broken piston rod seal may in some cases cause accidents and damage to the
environ-ment. So true it is absolutely necessary to select proper sealing piston rods and last but not least, is familiar with the properties
of existing types of seals.
Piston rod seal must meet high demands, because they must be functional when exposed to high and low pressure, often in combination
with alternating high and low temperatures. Piston rod seal must leave on the surface
lubricant film must be thin enough to remain on the surface of the cylinder after passing through the scratch ring. When choosing a piston rod
seal is necessary to determine the extent of use and analyze the choices on the basis of carefully prepared specification requirements. Seal rods
are produced in several versions, to ensure correct operation under various operating conditions. Unfortunately, there is no perfect seal piston
rods, which would meet all the requirements that are often contradictory.

Wiper rings. Dirt particles in the hydraulic system are the most common cause of accidents and shorten seal life. The largest number of
penetrating into the system with the piston rod. This is to prevent scraper.
Wiper ring is definitely nejpodceňovanější type of hydraulic cylinder seals in terms of importance for the function. Selecting the boot seal,
however, should
be based on carefully developed requirements specification, as well as in the case of elections for the piston seal and
rod. Particular attention should be paid to the environment and operating conditions.
Wiper ring must be designed not only with regard to ease of mounting on the piston rod (dynamic function), but also in the body
static function). In this guide, we present the standard SKF range of wiper rings, indicating the main design features and operating