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Oil seals - CR seals

CR Seals (seals) are produced in various versions according to industry requirements for shaft diameters up to ca. 4700 mm.
The main group consists of shaft sealing rings with spring.
Performance and reliability of the seal depends to a large extent on the material of the sealing edge.
Therefore, CR seal with respect to the use of standard manufactured with sealing lips made ​​of different materials.

An example of SKF seals:
CR 28x52x7 HMS47 R 30x42x7 CRW1 CR V CR 30x62x7 HMS4 R .......

Material :

Nitrile and tolerates short dry running. The permissible operating temperature is -50 to +100 ° C, and short-term to +120 ° C. At higher temperatures the material hardens.


Silicone rubber has a high thermal resistance and can be used at temperatures from -70 ° C to +160 ° C. Another important property of silicone rubber is the ability to absorb grease, and thus reduce friction and wear to a minimum.


Fluorine Rubber (VITON) is characterized by high thermal and chemical resistance. Fluorine Rubber (VITON) seals are suitable for temperatures up to + 200 ° C. Seals are also resistant to oils and hydraulic fluids, fuels and lubricants, as well as mineral acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, which cause damage to the gasket material from another.