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CR rings for repair of damaged shafts ( Speedi-Sleeves )

Repair shaft is time-consuming and very expensive. Cases CR to repair the damaged surface of the shaft to remove the need for machining the
Cases are made of stainless steel and have a wall thickness of 0,254 mm. Due to the very thin wall of the shaft diameter increases by only
mm, and thus it is possible to use the seal with the same dimensions as the original. Cases have a hardness of HRB 95 and the surface roughness of Ra 0,25 to 0,5 mm. For this reason, therefore, often better than the original surface of the shaft.
Example of marking the shop: the average from 19,95 - 20,05 CR 99078, average 29,95 - 30,07 CR 99114, average 39,92 - 40,08 CR 99825.

Status of contact surfaces, ie. shaft surface is essential for proper function of shaft sealing rings. If the contact area is worn or damaged seals
can not perform its function, ie. prevent leakage of lubricant storage and infiltration of dirt into the bearing.

This case was developed with the intention to solve the problem of worn contact surfaces at the ends of the shaft and allow an easy way to fix
the shaft. Cases are simply forces on the damaged area on the shaft and in a few minutes may be used to re-shaft, with repair costs reach
a fraction of price corrections by the traditional way. Cases for the repair of damaged shaft surface SKF are available in two versions depending
on the size

SKF Speedi-Sleeve: Housing with a very thin wall allows the use of seals, which are the same size as the original. offer of Housing
SKF Speedi-Sleeve includes standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve for normal operating conditions and SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold for demanding
operating conditions. These housings are offered for shafts
diameter to 200 mm, respectively.
8 ".

LDSLV: Covers to repair the damaged surface of the shaft with a diameter of 200 mm (8 ") and 1150 mm with wall thickness of 2,4 mm.
On the basis of an order can be delivered with housing flange (LDSLV3) or without flange (LDSLV4