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Plastic bearings - Polymer

Corrosion and chemical resistance. Lightweight and quiet operation. They do not need grease.

Polymer ball bearings (plastic bearings) consist of the following parts:
• polymer rings
• balls made of stainless steel, glass,
polymer or other materials and
• polymer cage

Polymers are significantly different from the properties of steel. One of the most important is their resistance to corrosion and
chemical resistance.
Polymers used for the manufacture of bearings have a low coefficient of friction, high resistance to mechanical wear and fatigue.
This "self-lubricating" bearings can run dry and do not require lubrication.
Polymer bearings but carry much lower loads and operate at lower speeds than conventional all-steel bearings.
Polymer bearings having a high specific strength (strength to weight ratio), which is useful in applications where
weight is an important structural aspect.
Low tendency to creep polymer provides high dimensional stability throughout the operating life of bearings.

Application: Polymer ball bearings are designed primarily for storage, which must be resistant to moisture and chemicals.
In such deposited bearing steel can be used at all or only with certain limitations and therefore are technically and economically
suitable polymer ball bearings.
Polymer ball bearings can operate without lubricant. They can be used in applications that can
not be maintenance, eg for health reasons.
Possible applications of these bearings are the same width as their strengths.
The following is an overview of some industries and storage, which have found their application today.
• Bearings for food machinery
• bearings for medical equipment
• bearings for heating and air conditioning
• bearings for the chemical industry and electroplating
• bearings for film, photographic and pharmaceutical industries
• bearings for textile machinery
• bearings for production models and lightweight construction
• Bearings for measuring devices

Performance: deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball bearings

Example of designation: 6000/HR11TN, 6202/HR22T2, 16006/HR22T2, 6205/HR22T2, 6204/HR11TN ......

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