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Deep groove ball bearings

Single row deep groove ball bearings are very universal bearing.
They have a simple construction, they are disassembled, they can work with high and very high speeds,
they are
extremely durable and require negligible maintenance. Bearings are characterized by deep
orbits and a high degree of adherence between the raceways and balls, which allows you to transfer
in addition to radial loads and axial loads in both directions, even at high speeds. Single row deep
groove ball
bearings are the most widely used type of bearings. For this reason, manufacturers
(SKF, FAG, INA, ZVL, ZKL FBJ ...) offers in many designs and sizes.

Design: Single-row ball bearings, stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, double row ball bearings and cam rollers.     
bearings in standard version
                 : sealed bearings - bearings covered with contact seals, marking ( Z, 2Z, RSH, 2RSH, RS1, 2RS1 ) 
                 : sealed bearings - covered low friction bearings ( RSL, 2RSL, RZ, 2RZ )

RS and 2RS seal is suitable for operating temperatures from -40 ° C to +100 ° C short term up to +120 ° C.

Internal clearance: Single row deep groove ball bearings are manufactured as standard with standard radial internal clearance. 
Most bearings are also available with a larger internal radial clearance C3, C4, C5. Smaller clearance is marked C2.

Example of designation:
single-row bearings 618/8, 608, 6000, 6202, 6305, 6403, 6404, 62205, 62206, 6202-2Z, 6205-2RS ....  
single row cam rollers 361200 R, 361201 R, 361202 R, 361203 R, 361204 R, 361205 R ...

These markings are the same as for SKF bearings, bearings and for other manufacturers.

    1 Single row bearings             2 Double row bearings

SKF catalogue - single row ball bearings - pdf

Energy-effective bearings SKF bearings (E2)
These bearings are designed and manufactured to the lower energy consumption. In many applications, which typically operate at work
low to medium-sized load, reaching at least about 30% lower power and are followed ISO standards and other operational criteria.
SKF E2 performance in not universal replacement SKF Explorer bearings as these are characterized by higher grade than the
specified in ISO.
Benefits ball bearings E2
Reducing frictional moment by 30 to 50%. Twice the service life (electric motors). Achieving a 15% speed, lower operating
the temperature. Improved function in case of misalignment.    

Example of marking: E2.607-2Z/C3, E2.608-2Z/C3, E2.609-2Z/C3, E2.6000-2Z/C3, E2.6001-2Z/C3, E2.6002-2Z/C3, E2.6003-2Z/C3,
E2.6004-2Z/C3,E2.6005-2Z/C3, E2.625-2Z/C3, E2.626-2Z/C3, E2.627-2Z/C3, E2.628-2Z/C3, E2.629-2Z/C3, E2.6200-2Z/C3, E2.6201-2Z/C3,
E2.6202-2Z/C3, E2.6203-2Z/C3, E2.6204-2Z/C3, E2.6205-2Z/C3, E2.635-2Z/C3, E2.6300-2Z/C3, E2.6301-2Z/C3, E2.6302-2Z/C3,

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