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CARB toroidal roller bearings

CARB toroidal roller bearing is a completely new type of radial roller bearings. This compact, self-aligning bearing, SKF has developed, which launched in 1995.
Its unique design combines the ability to tilt spherical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing with the ability to balance the axial displacement
the shaft due to the housing. Moreover, the cross section which is comparable with roller bearing.
CARB bearings are used in many types of storage, which are loaded radially. These bearings are designed for use as a locating bearing.
For this purpose, it is determined by their structure, which combines the ability to tilt the axial displacement.

Example of designation: C 6006 V C 2206 TN9, C 6910 V C 2211 TN9
These markings are valid for SKF bearings.

Catalogue SKF - Bearings toroidal - pdf