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Bearings for disc harrow

Increasing the productivity of the farm with SKF Agri Hub for independent hanging disc harrows (disk harrow).
SKF Agri Hub is a fully integrated unit with a seal bearing with grease to the entire shelf life. These bearing units are equipped with flanged outer
ring, which are made threaded holes for mounting the disk. The inner ring, which does not rotate, is provided with threaded bolt, which can
be mounted
practically on any shoulder.
Design features:
- The shape of the flange prevents the winding rope
- Labyrinth prevents penetration of straw, dust and stones
- Highly effective seal, which prevents the penetration of water, snow, mud, dust with
- Bearings with high load capacity and stiffness to withstand loads tázovému
- Resistance to corrosion of metal coating
Example of designation:
BAA-0004, BAA-0012, BAA-0006, BAA-0001, BAA-0002 ......

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