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Angular contact ball bearings

The orbits of the inner and outer rings of ball bearings with angular contact with each other are  ransplanted in the direction of the bearing axis.
These bearings are therefore particularly suitable for carrying combined loads, ie. simultaneously acting radial and axial loads. Axial load capacity
of  ball  bearings  with  angular contact  increases with increasing contact angle.  Contact angle is defined as  the  angle  between the connector
contact points of balls and raceways in the radial plane in which the load is transferred from  one orbit to another, and perpendicular to
the axis of the bearing. Bearings are made of metal or polyamide cages.

Single row deep groove ball bearings with angular contact can transmit axial loads in one direction only.
Bearing must normally be set against second bearing. The standard range of ball bearings with angular contact bearings SKF range of 72 B
and 73 B. Both versions are intended
for general use.
Example of designation:
7205 BEP, 7206 BECBP, 7207 BEP, 7208 A, 7209 A, 7202 BEP, 7203 BEP, 7204 BEP, 7205 BEP, 7206 BEP, 7210 BEP .....

SKF catalogue - ball bearings with angular contact - pdf

Double row ball bearings with angular contact design is based on two single row ball bearings with angular contact, but have a smaller width.
They can carry radial loads and bi-directional axial load. Bearings allow the firm to design storage and carry flip-flop and
Example of designation
: 3205 A, 3205 A, 3206 A, 3309 A, 3310 A, 3202 A, 3312 A .....
An example of the bearings with seals
: 3200 A-2RS1, 3206 A-2RS1, 3309 A-2RS1, 3202 A-2Z, 3309 A-2Z .......

Four point contact bearings are deep groove ball bearings with angular contact, whose orbits are designed
in such a way that they can carry axial loads in both directions. Bearings can be up to a certain size to transmit radial
load, which is a fraction of the axial load. These bearings require significantly less space in the axial direction than double
ball bearings.
Example of designation:
QJ 304 N2MA, QJ 207 N2MA, QJ 312 N2MA, QJ 208 MA, QJ 211 MA ......

SKF double row cam rollers, which are based on the design of double row ball bearings with angular contact, have a contact
of 25 °. Pulleys are ready for immediate installation and can be used in all types of cam drives, in transportation systems,
etc. They are
fitted with steel plates that form the sealing joint with ribs on the inner ring. Retain grease inside the bearing
prevents penetration of dirt into the bearing.
Example of designation:
305800 C-2Z, 305801 C-2Z, 305802 C-2Z, 305803 C-2Z, 305804 C-2Z, 305805 C-2Z, 305806 C-2Z, 305807 C-2Z, 
305702 C-2Z, 305705 C-2Z

Precision ball bearings with angular contact is available in three different size ranges and in different structural variants.
They are individual bearings, universally matchable bearings and a set of matched bearings.
Example of designation
: 7002 CDGA/P4A, 7202 CDGA/P4A, 7203 CDGA/P4A, 7204 CDGA/P4A, 7205 CDGA/P4A, 7206 CDGA/P4A, 7207 CDGA/P4A,
7208 CDGA/P4A, 7209 CDGA/P4A, 7210 ACDGA/P4A , 71902 CDGA/P4A

SKF catalogue - precision ball bearings angular contact

Bearings are called
: B 7204 CATB P4, B 7205 CATB P4, B 7206 CBTB P4, B 7205 CATB P4, B 7208 CATB P4 .........

Precision ball bearings with angular contact ball point screws are manufactured with a contact angle of 60 ° and accuracy P4.
Example of designation:
BSA 201 CGA, BSA 202 CGA, BSA 203 CGA, BSA 204 CGA, BSD 2047 CGA, BSA 205 CGA, BSD 2562 CGA, BSA 305 CGA,
BSD 3062 CGA, BSA 206 CGA, BSD 3572 CGA, BSA 207 CGA, BSD 4072 CGA, BSD 4090 CGA, BSA 308 CGA, BSD 4575 CGA, BSD 45100 CGA

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