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Equipment for the alignment of pulleys TMEB 2


Equipment SKF BeltAlign TMEB 2 establishes pulleys, where what matters most - in the groove. Profile in leadership
and strong magnets allow you to consolidate facilities TMEB 2 directly into the groove of pulley. BeltAlign device that
consists of only two parts - the  laser transmitter and  receiver can be easily and easy  to fix. The three-dimensional
target area on the receiver improves the detection  and determination of the type of misalignment misalignment - in
a horizontal
plane, in a vertical plane, parallel or a combination  of all three types. Based on the accurate data at the
Institute of
parts until the laser beam is identical to the reference line on the receiver.
The device  establishes a groove  pulleys, not their head, and thus it is possible to  compensate for  uneven widths
and pulley or  pulleys with  different faces. The device  is suitable for the establishment of pulleys, whose  face can
  be used as a  reference surface.  When alignment is not necessary  to proceed tentatively. Location  indicates
the type of
laser misalignment, and thus enables easy and
precise alignment.

Alignment of pulleys