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Equipment for shaft alignment TMEA 2

TMEA 2 is equipment that simplifies setting up the shaft and requires no special operator training. Two measuring units can be
easily mounted on the shafts using magnetic brackets or chains. Each measuring unit sends a laser beam that is projected on
detector the second drive. The display unit shows the alignment values ​​for the clutch and foot machines in "real time", and
the need to frequently check the settlement. The laser beam and pieces to make it easier to scale a preliminary alignment.
The "Soft foot" leads operate this equipment when using this function. The worker can hold in one  hand and a second  display
To set up the machine. Magnetic brackets fixed unit of measurement on the shaft. A set of forms is intended for keeping a
record of
the alignment.

Equipment for balancing shaft SKF TMEA series are characterized by easy operation and high precision. These innovative devices
 properly  machine  set up in three steps:  measurement, alignment and documentation. First, determine  exactly how  the
machine is
set up. Set up the machine in the vertical and horizontal plane. Finally, Document and record the progress of individual
These three simple steps will allow you to easily and efficiently set up a shaft using advanced laser technology.