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FRC Couplings, which are designed for higher loads than the cross-coupling and do not require maintenance, are suitable for general use.
Medium-sized dampens shock loads  and low vibration and random  offset misalignment. FRC Connectors, which are phosphate to  improve
corrosion protection and also available with fire-proof and antistatic elements (FRAS). They are fitted with the guide hole precisely machined
hole or a tapered sleeve to facilitate and simplify installation.
Precisely machined outside diameters can easily cope with a ruler. Power transfer is secured form-fitting teeth on both flanges
and cross-loaded discs.
Example of marking the metal connectors: PHE FRC70HTB, PHE FRC90HTB, PHE FRC110HTB, PHE FRC130HTB, PHE FRC150HTB, 
PHE FRC180HTB .........
Example of marking flexible part: PHE FRC70NR, PHE FRC90NR, PHE FRC110NR, PHE FRC130NR, PHE FRC150NR .......
The coupling consisting of 2 pieces of metal parts + 1 piece of elastic.

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