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Spherical plain bearings and rod ends

Spherical plain bearings, which are designed to save performing slow movements, they can compensate for misalignment
and perform oscillating movements. They have very high load carrying capacity and are ready for immediate installation.
Spherical plain bearings are supplied in a combination of different types of sliding surfaces: steel on steel, which must
, or a combination of steel and sintered bronze combination, or composition of PTFE fabric with PTFE, which
not necessary to
lubricate. Production program spherical bearings SKF is extremely wide:
Radial spherical plain bearings metric and inch sizes, with seal or with extended inner ring.
Example of designation: GE 15, GE 20, GE 30 EC, 40 EC GE-2RS, GE 50 EC, 40 EC GEM, GEH 20 EC, 30 EC GEH, GEH 40 EC-2RS
                                    2RS - protection strip of dirt


Spherical plain bearings steel material - steel

Spherical plain
bearings steel material - bronze


Spherical plain bearings with angular contact SKF for carrying combined radial and axial loads.
Example of designation: 25 F GAC, GAC 30 F, 35 F GAC, GAC 40 F, 45 F GAC, GAC 50 F, 60 F GAC, GAC 60 F ...........


Axial spherical plain bearings to carry axial load in combination with radial spherical plain bearings for storage, which has a large load.
Example of designation: 17 F GX, GX 20 F, 25 F GX, GX 30 F, 35 F GX, GX 40 F, 45 F GX, GX 50 F, 60 F GX, GX 70 F, 80 F GX, GX 100 F , GX 120 F

SKF rod ends with integrated spherical plain bearings with external or internal thread or shank for welding with circular or rectangular cross section.
Example of designation: SIKAC 8 M, 8 M SILKAC, SALKAC 10 M, 16 M Sakac, SA 10 E, SAL 20 EC, 20 EC SIJ, SIR 30 EC
                                   SIKAC 6 M, 10 M SIKAC, SILKAC 6 M, 10 M SILKAC, SALKAC 6 M, 8 M SALKAC, Sakac 6 M, 8 M Sakac,
                                   Sakac 10 M, .......